60km MTB Route

The Tsitsikamma MTB Challenge feature race is 64km in distance and includes 980m of elevation. The clockwise route takes riders South towards the coast and meets the ocean at the Elands River Mouth from where it follows the coastline towards Storms River. You’ll get to enjoy panoramic views over the Indian Ocean and if you’re fortunate you may even be treated to a whale sighting.
From Storms River Mouth you’ll leave the ocean behind and head North. The route crosses under the N2 near the village of Thornham and then follows a contour road along the the mountain with stunning views towards the ocean, finally crossing back under the N2 at the Kruis River bridge just before the finish. The route has two water points located at 21km & 37km.

40km MTB Route

The 40km race route has 580m of elevation gain. It heads South from the start and is ridden in a clockwise direction. The route meets the ocean at the Elands River Mouth and follows the coast as far as Sandduinrivier where your waterpoint hosts will be waiting for you at the 21km mark with tasty snacks and refreshments. Take a moment to appreciate the ocean views and see if you can spot a whale or two from the cliff-top before heading inland through the forest, towards the finish. The terrain is mostly forest dual-track and is a non-technical ride, suitable for inexperienced mountain bikers.

19km MTB Route

The 19km mountain bike ride which features 220m of elevation starts in a Southerly direction and heads through plantation gravel roads and forest dual-track towards the coast. From here you’ll turn right and make your way towards your waterpoint overlooking the Sandduinrivier mouth at the 11km mark. Take in the views and enjoy the hospitality while you refuel on snacks and drinks before heading North through the plantation towards the finish. The terrain is non-technical and is suited to novice mountain bikers.

12km Trail Run

The 12km Trail Run starts in an Easterly direction from the Race Village and follows an anti-clockwise route. Crossing under the N2 at the Kruis Rivier bridge, then making your way up the mountain slopes overlooking the forest with views over the Indian ocean in the distance. Your waterpoint is at the 7km mark from where you’ll head down the mountain and cross back over the old Kruis River bridge, under the N2 and on to the finish. The terrain consists of forest dual-track and singletrack.

6km Trail Run

The 6km Trail Run heads East from the start, takes you under the N2 and crosses the Kruis River via the old bridge. Your waterpoint is at the highest point on the route, located near the halfway mark at 2.5km. Take a moment to appreciate the views while you refuel before heading down the mountain to the finish